Simplify Your Business Processes!

As easy as 1-2-3!

your business is complicated enough, why should your processes? Let’s chat about how we can create quicker processes, free up your time and save you money! A quick consultation takes about 15 min and guarantee our certified Microsoft and AWS experts will leave you with the knowledge to put hours back into your day. We have a strict NO JARGON policy and want to ensure our clients leave our consultations with a strong understanding on how they can rapidly deploy solutions – and get started tomorrow! Our simplification processes can save up to 10-30 hours a month in time, and cut expenses by up to 30%!

Our goal is to help your team get the most out of your life experiences and we do that by getting the most out of your cloud environment.

Audit What You Have

We audit your environment to see where your unnecessary costs, application duplication, and process holes are as well as take a look at the data behind your usage. We dive into your untapped potential!

This Audit is the first step to understanding your usage, how your organization communicates and does business. We understand that applications are a key part of doing business, but how are they being used? We collect real data on usage, spend and provide best practices.

Establish Governance

Once the audit is complete, we help you establish Governance and Best Practices within your organization and teams. What does this mean exactly? Well, whenever someone has a question on how something is done, there is a user guide, SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) and Work Instructions on how to do it! This makes sure the integrity and core values of your organization are upheld!

Make it Quick and Easy!

We then take those processes and Simplify them! Make them quick and easy, not only to understand but to carry out! We help implement push button solutions, automate administrative tasks and use the full power of your Microsoft environment. This Saves You Time and Money (and opens up your calendar for some free time)!


Let’s get your saving time and money today!